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We're going to need a little information about your establishment. Once you've filled in this form, and if you are purchasing a Premium subscription, we'll take you to the checkout to complete the order. In this case you will need your account to complete this process, or you can click here to register for a new one. Please email if you have any queries related to the sign up process.

All fields on this page are required and the data provided will be processed in line with the RM Unify T&Cs.

Tell us about your establishment

Entering an incorrect DFE number will result in some apps added through RM Unify not working correctly. You can find your schools DFE number at EduBase - the complete number is the 3-digit LA number followed by the 4-digit establishment number.

Currently sign up for RM Unify is only available to schools in England and Wales. Schools in Scotland can access RM Unify through Glow.


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Turbocharge RM Unify with premium features

RM Unify comes with a base set of functionality that allows you to manage users with a CSV file. The premium features turn RM Unify into a fully featured identity and access management system and include:

  • Driving user management from your MIS
  • User and group sync to Microsoft Azure AD or Microsoft 365
  • User and group sync Google Workspace from Google
  • Automatic sign on from Windows devices or Chromebooks
  • Multi Factor Authentication to protect your cloud services
  • and loads more

Please note that by default this subscription will automatically renew after 1 year. You will however be notified of this and given the option to cancel or change your subscription nearer the time.

Please note that the free trial will not automatically renew into an RM Unify Premium licence. If you do not choose to purchase a licence for RM Unify with premium features then premium features will no longer be available after the 91 day trial ends.